Switching to web hosting in NZ services or migrating to new content management systems involves a lengthy website migration process. Luckily, many domain and hosting companies offer free and paid migration plans, allowing users to migrate from their current website data to new servers. 

Read on to get an overview of what your web hosting migration checklist should be like to guarantee no data loss.

What is Website Migration? 

In simple terms, web hosting migration is the process of making significant changes to your website’s technology, structure, design and location. 

A website migration should always be implemented with a proper plan because if you fail to do so, your site migration can damage your SEO reputation. 

In cases of an improper migration process, you can encounter the following problems: 

  1. 404 error
  2. Missing website content 
  3. Drop in SEO ranking 

Important Checklist for Web Hosting Migration 

Below are the important things that

Though VPS in Singapore offers better control for web owners on their hosting infrastructure. But that control also brings out security challenges for them. The best way to tackle these challenges is to have the proper security measures in place to mitigate the hovering risk effectively. 

Let us discuss some of the top security tips for your VPS Domain hosting in Singapore. That will help you navigate these challenges effectively.

Remember! Security is not a one-time thing. It requires continuous efforts and monitoring to show the best results.

What is VPS?

VPS refers to a web hosting service wherein a private server is divided into small virtual spaces. With the help of a hypervisor, the server is virtually divided, making it feel like dedicated hosting.

Another significant advantage of VPS hosting is that it allows you to choose your preferred Linux version. Further, it lets you run multiple virtual

The Battle Ready II putters utilize injection molding to increase forgiveness


Almost a decade ago, PXG helped revolutionize iron design by introducing a groundbreaking new technology: thin-faced hollow-body construction supported with injection molding. The tech helped to create the original 0311 irons, a game-changer for PXG that offered the look of a blade, mega forgiveness, and incredibly soft feel.

Now, it seems, that technology is coming to the green. PXG is planning to utilize the same S COR iron technology to help improve putter design with enhanced feel, sound, and forgiveness in the new line of Battle Ready II putters.

“We are always learning and improving, and the Battle Ready II putters are another clear example of our unwavering commitment to advancing technology to produce noticeably better performance,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “From consistency across the face to the feel

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Just as the Industrial Revolution fundamentally altered the global economic landscape, advances in quantum technology are poised to transform how people work and live everywhere. From life-saving drugs to next-generation batteries, rapidly emerging quantum technologies can help solve problems too difficult for today’s computers.

But what is quantum technology? And how will it shape the future of innovation?

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For a movie about Adam Driver fighting dinosaurs, 65 sure came and went without much fanfare. The futuristic survival film — a collaboration between A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods — quietly slipped into theaters in March and was immediately overshadowed by Academy Awards coverage.

With the movie now streaming on Netflix, though, new audiences will rapidly find out what those few theatergoers already knew: 65 features a unique world that seamlessly blends analog and digital technology.

This is a film every franchise director should study: It’s a how-to guide with a clear vision about crafting a lived-in world straight out of classic science fiction, but with the full benefits of modern tech. Unlike so many of its peers, 65 draws inspiration equally from all periods of Hollywood science fiction, and its depiction of technology should become the gold standard for production designers from now on.