5 Best Stores to Buy Hi-Tech Appliances in the UK

Getting techs may not be difficult but getting techs you want at the price you want them with impeccable services may prove to be a challenge in the UK. We have once been there.

The reason you should know where others are getting theirs through UK.collected.reviews and stay in tune with shopping trends. Just buying online techs cannot cut it, you need to be familiar with stores.

1.      Amazon.co.uk: 

Amazon is one of the biggest five companies in the world and there is just a store located in the UK offering Amazon products not excluding Hi-tech products. If you are interested in ever getting a tech product, you should consider buying from this store. The company offers the same services as Amazon, except in this case they are a subsidiary of Amazon. Some of the tech products you can get from this store include subsidized DVDs and electrical appliances. Their prices are competitive though, but they offer safe and secured electronic payments.

2.      Maplin: 

You must have heard of this company. But if you’re still wondering what they offer, then we should explain. Maplin deals primarily in electronic goods and can be found in the UK and Ireland. The company was founded in 1976 by Roger Allen, Sandra Allen, and Doug Simmons. As an online retail store, they offer flexible prices on all of their goods and are headquartered in Marlow.

3.      Zavvi: 

Another online store where you can get hi-tech products is Zavvi. If you are not comfortable dealing with Amazon or Maplin, Zavvi should be your next option. Founded in 2007 and located in London, Zavvi offers services such as consoles, DVDs, and other electronic devices. It was originally Virgin Megastores before it was renamed to Zavvi in 2007 after the company was bought from Sir Richard Branson. Zavvi has several divisions that typify its products and services. There is the Zavvi Group Limited, Zavvi Retail Limited, and so on — each of which has its roles and product peculiarities.

4.      CeX: 

In 1992, CeX was founded in London, UK, and began its operation of selling second-hand hi-tech products such as gadgets, devices, video games. CeX was founded by Robert Dudani, Paul Farrington, Hugh Man, Charlie Brooker, Oli Smith, and Oliver Ball. It was located in Watford and deals in electronics, mobile phones, music techs, DVDs, and games. The store has about 400 shops in the UK and over 200 shops globally.

5.      Currys: 

Also known as Currys PC World, the store is located in Acton, London, and has products in the telecommunications and infotech industries. The company was founded in 1884 and began the sale of home electronics and household appliances alongside gadgets, personal computers, mobile devices, and so on. The company is also into the sale of white goods such as machines and other large domestic appliances.


Mentioned above are 5 stores you can get hi-tech products from. These are some of the best tech stores in the UK. Getting products from them should be affordable and come with premium services.

Madelyn Skylar

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