The mobile phone market is becoming more and more competitive with every passing day. Brands are launching new models now and then the market is open for every competitor. Although new brands are entering the market regularly the high-end phones of brands are dominating the market share. It’s safe to say people are not only spending too much time on the phone but they are also spending too much money on the phones. So here is the question, is spending money on luxury phones worth it? Check out US-reviews for phone store reviews.

Here are some reasons why you should not be buying high-end luxury phones.

Some brands are putting their all efforts into getting all the premium features in mid-range to create their market like OPPO, VIVO. Huawei. Even Samsung is now investing in mid-range phones as these brands are threatening its market. The ultimate beneficiary is a customer in this as now they can get the high-quality camera, good battery, and all-important premium features at low prices. This all depends upon mobile commerce.

Forget about features the performance of the mid-range phone and luxurious ones is also at par with all new Android smartphones coming with the latest operating system i.e. v10.0. And also offers good RAM and internal storage which can be extended.

You can shift to a new one without hard feelings:

Ever saw a new model while scrolling down your newsfeed and have an urge to get rid of your old phone and get a new phone because of an obvious new feature. Well if you had invested all your money on a high-end phone you will have to use it for a longer period but, if you are possessing a mid-ranger you can update your new gadget without feeling guilty at least not as much as riding a high-end phone after using it only for six months.

Luxurious phones don’t offer those features that mid-range phone holds:

It offers features that high-end phones don’t, for instance, the majority of high-end phones won’t exceed the 4000mAH benchmark of battery life a lot of mid-range phones have done with Samsung Galaxy M31 has a battery life of 6000mAH. The Apple 11 range phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, and functions only on Face ID, whereas most mid-range phones have both. You can check the American telephone stores reviews to be assured.  

These days everyone is carrying the same look-alike phone. We are sure you have confused your phone with someone else’s a lot of time. But if you will use a mid-range phone you are going to get more colors and designs than the luxury phones offer.

Why should you be spending money on high-end phones?

Well, why not if you want to follow the trend and have affordability then go for it. Why stopping for anything if you are satisfied with spending money on luxury then let it be this way and if you happen to like getting a mid-ranger then get it as you will get all the premium qualities of a luxury phone in it anyway.

Madelyn Skylar

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