PXG brings famed iron technology to new Battle Ready II putters

The Battle Ready II putters utilize injection molding to increase forgiveness


Almost a decade ago, PXG helped revolutionize iron design by introducing a groundbreaking new technology: thin-faced hollow-body construction supported with injection molding. The tech helped to create the original 0311 irons, a game-changer for PXG that offered the look of a blade, mega forgiveness, and incredibly soft feel.

Now, it seems, that technology is coming to the green. PXG is planning to utilize the same S COR iron technology to help improve putter design with enhanced feel, sound, and forgiveness in the new line of Battle Ready II putters.

“We are always learning and improving, and the Battle Ready II putters are another clear example of our unwavering commitment to advancing technology to produce noticeably better performance,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “From consistency across the face to the feel at impact, these putters deliver in spades – and the new platinum finish is absolutely gorgeous.”


Inside the new Battle Ready II putters


The lightweight polymer injected S COR technology bonds to the entire interior structure of the thin-walled putter heads to not only support the structure but also dampen harsh impact sound and vibrations. Thanks to the support, the putter faces are only .055″ thick, allowing more mass to be positioned around the exterior to dramatically increase forgiveness.

This extra forgiveness results in a 10% higher MOI compared to the previous generation of Battle Ready putters. To put that into perspective, anything above a 3-6 percent MOI gain is considered a significant jump in forgiveness in the golf equipment space.

PXG’s new Battle Ready II putters.


The Battle Ready II will continue to use the Battle Ready I’s Precision Weighting Technology to finalize head weight and dial-in launch conditions.

For players that tend to pull putts, a heavier head can help slow down rotation just like how a heavier driver can reduce a pull or draw. The opposite can help players who tend to leave the face open, and in extreme cases, it’s possible to have non-symmetrical weight orientations to further help adjust face rotation and impact dynamics.

From an extended fitting perspective, the Battle Ready II putters support four different hosel configurations to suit any putting stroke: a traditional plumber’s neck, short heel-shafted neck, double-bend, and armlock. A select number of heads also allow for a center-shafted configuration.

Last but not least, PXG Battle Ready II Putters also feature their pyramid face milling pattern to create a soft yet responsive feel at impact.


The PXG Battle Ready II putters are available in nine head designs and are finished with a platinum-frosted look and black accents.

The blade styles include the Dagger +, Brandon, Mustang, Closer, and Hercules, while the mallet options are the Bat Attack, One & Done, Blackjack, and Apache.

PXG battle ready II putter models


Price and availability

The full Battle Ready II putter line is available now and is priced at $389.99 each, with an optional $10.00 upgrade to any of the new PXG grip options, including an injection-molded (EVA) foam core grip that improves texture and feels.

For more information visit www.PXG.com.

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