Samsung Current Estate After Coronavirus

In the early parts of the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic tragically hit the world, causing different businesses to collapse globally. Samsung is one of the largest smartphone and other electronic devices providers. One would think that the pandemic will drastically affect the brand if not cause it to close up as countless businesses and brands did.

However, the reverse is the case with Samsung as BritainReviews show that this particular brand has seen more profits than usual during this Coronavirus period. One could safely say that the reason for this increase in demand for Samsung phones and products as a whole is because most businesses or companies had to forcefully shut down their physical offices and move to different online platforms.

Thus, many people had to purchase electronic devices, especially memory chips and gadgets that will help aid their better performance since more is expected from them as they now work from home. Numerous online and physical stores are into the business of selling electronic devices or products made by the Samsung brand. One of these online stores is Idealo who prides itself for selling quality electronic devices at affordable prices.

During the early stages of the virus outbreak, Samsung Electronics was one of the brands that volunteered to provide various healthcare centres with protective gears such as masks, gloves, eye wears, shoe cover, as well as hood caps. They also offered hospitals with electronic thermometers and air purifiers made by the brand.

Although towards the first half of the year, Samsung announced that its South Korean Suzhou Computer plant would halt production, things have changed for the better none withstanding. While the plant has suspended production due to the competitive market and covid outbreak, they are mainly focused on researches and development of the entire brand.

Little wonder they have begun to record success and profit in almost all spheres of production recently as the researches have paid off. The reason for the focus on research and development was to ensure that global efficiency becomes enhanced on all platforms and Samsung facilities.

As mentioned above, rather than closing or shutting down operations, Samsung Electronics went on a research and development model. During this phase, their production percentage reduced drastically.

However, shortly after this period, especially in the second part of the year, Samsung Electronics started to launch different products to up their game in the electronic and technology world as a whole. One of the products they launched towards the second half of the year is the foldable Galaxy Note flagship smartphone.

Researches show that a high level of profit was recorded from the launch in the mobile division of the brand. Twenty-five per cent profit worth over $1.95 trillion got recorded in the second half of the year – towards August precisely.

Take Away

In essence, it is safe to conclude that the Samsung brand is one of those brands whose establishments seem to be prospering in the face of the pandemic. Hence, the Samsung current estate appears not to be seriously disturbed nor damaged despite all odds from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Madelyn Skylar

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