A brand normally known for good lighting and small CE products in India, ENRG has launched a model new wearable fitness band. Eight out of 10 technology dependancy instances are associated to online gaming. In addition to depriving one of sleep and disrupting the physique clock, dependancy to smartphones and devices can rob one of much-needed personal household time.

  • And device-makers are relying on shoppers buying into ever-more elaborate forms of pc vision and other AI know-how to give them peace of mind.
  • Behold, a speaker with a candle-like LED illumination, as a end result of who doesn’t need to blast audio from a glass tube in 2021?
  • An LCD screen doesn’t offer the identical picture high quality as OLED and will use extra power, however it does imply this model will be less expensive.
  • A tech business battle is taking shape over the “metaverse,” with tech companies like Facebook,