A company in North Vancouver that provides small yet powerful components that help drive many clean technologies is one that Ottawa says will benefit from new tax credits.

Federal Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra stopped by North Vancouver company Accelovant on Wednesday for a first-hand look at the home-grown technology.

The North Vancouver company uses a patented cutting-edge technology to make fibre-optic temperature sensors key to the efficient manufacture of semi-conductor computer chips.

Those chips are used in vast array of modern technologies, including green transportation options like e-bikes and electric vehicles.

“Last year’s cars have about 30 chips in each one. Electronic vehicles have 3,000 chips per vehicle,” said Accelovant Technologies CEO Michael Goldstein. Chips are key to safe fast-charging of electric batteries in everything from cell phones to cars, he said.

And while the computer chips themselves aren’t new, Acceleovant’s technology has been changing the way those chips