The Impacts of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Apple

The coronavirus outbreak has been a menace in the world at large. Over the months, most businesses have had to shut down due to the pandemic’s impact on sales and business. The famous electronic company, Apple, has also been affected one way or the other.

Like many other electronic brands and stores, Apple has seen better days before the virus hit the world. This pandemic outbreak has significantly impacted almost all sectors of the Apple company. One of which is the production sector. This has become so as most countries’ production department is immensely affected by the hit.

Therefore, to better understand the immense impact of this Coronavirus outbreak on the whole company, this article will explain the numerous ways that the pandemic has affected the company. You can also read more about electronic stores’ online reviews to understand how greatly the virus has affected the electronic industry. The following are the ways through which the pandemic outbreak has affected Apple: –

1.  Temporary lockdown

One of the essential and common impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on all physical businesses is their offices’ temporary lockdown. During the first wave of the virus’ hit, Apple was also part of the companies that had to shut down its corporate offices, retail stores, and contact centres. The first branch to get shut down was China, as China was the first to become hit by this deadly virus. Eventually, Apple’s retail stores and offices in the United States and other countries were shut down.

It is also worthy to note that things were never quite the same after these companies’ temporary shutdown. They were forced to operate on reduced hours, and workers also reduced physical interaction.

2.  Slow sales

One of the outcomes of the temporary lockdown was that sales of Apple products and devices became slow. Since the company was forced to shut down operations, its already produced devices were immensely affected. All people could think about was their health and safety; thus, sales didn’t move well.

3.  Slow production

Another significant impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on Apple, especially during the first wave, affected the devices’ production. Since the workers were not allowed to continue with work for a long while, there was little or no progress on Apple devices’ production at the time. For instance, most of the Apple suppliers were not working due to the outbreak of COVID-19. \

Although by mid-February, most of the factories opened up again. However, they have soon closed again as travel bans became made with quarantine and factory closure ordered in most countries. Thus, the production of Apple devices was either delayed or stopped at the moment. The good part is that most Apple devices, such as the iPhone, became revitalized in the latter part of the year.

4.  Revenue cut

Like most renowned companies, Apple offered to donate some money towards fighting against this deadly virus. By the middle of March, things took a turn for a slight worse with the company’s revenue expectation. Before the pandemic outbreak, Apple set out to achieve a revenue of $63 to $67 billion. However, that wasn’t the case as, by the end of the quarter, only $58.3 billion got reported.


Like some lucky companies, Apple also made a tremendous turn for good after the outbreak’s first wave. To understand how Apple responded to the outbreak, you can read reviews about the company. You can also read reviews about Fonehouse, an online company that deals with the sale of phones and electronic devices.

Madelyn Skylar

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