What Makes Cloud Hosting More Secure than Traditional Hosting?

When we talk about web hosting services, we often relate it to a traditional pattern of hiring a firm to provide them with hosting services. But it is about time that everyone realises that we are now in the digital age. Almost everything that we use nowadays has already made its way through to the cloud that we also refer to as the intangible storage space.

The traditional web hosting method can be categorised into two forms,

  1. Dedicated networks
  2. Shared networks

The traditional type of hosting is preferred by many organisations because one has to pay for only a specified storage space on a server that is also shared by other companies for hosting their websites. Traditional hosting is also considered cost-effective and low maintenance. Moreover, you get the continued support of the hosting company that manages your website.
But traditional hosting comes with its own set of drawbacks too. Since there are multiple websites that are utilising your web server, a spike in any of the websites’ traffic can eventually result in fluctuation in your website’s performance. As a solution to these problems, Cloud Web Hosting has seen a rise in its popularity in the country and around the world. Here’s why:

1.It offers scalability

When your website requires instant allocation of resources, a Cloud Hosting service can come in handy as it offers instant scalability. With Cloud Hosting services, you can rest assured that your website can quickly allocate and de-allocate resources, such as bandwidth, storage space, RAM, etc. In fact, the ease of these go-to services is one of the primary reasons why cloud web hosting is on the rise in India.

2.It is not a threat to security

When it comes to securing a hosting server for your website, traditional web hosting services have always lagged behind. Traditional web hosting services are not outdated or incompetent, but there are certainly better resources available that offer greater utility and function.

Cloud Hosting services offer an infrastructure that ensures that your data remains secure through various levels of the network, data, and physical security. Identity management, appropriate data isolation, storage dissection, encryption, firewalls, and backup repositories are some of the solutions that Cloud Web Hosting services have to offer.

3.It offers increased server up-time

As mentioned earlier, traditional hosting can negatively affect your website’s uptime as a result of increased traffic to another website. But this rarely ever happens with Cloud Web Hosting. You are also not likely to suffer from lags or server downtimes. This happens because, if there is one server that is unable to carry the load of your website, there are multiple other servers that are ready on standby to take the load of that one failed server. The performance of your website is hardly ever compromised.

To sum it up

These are just some of the reasons that explain the rise of Cloud Web Hosting in India. A Cloud Hosted website performs much better than the one hosted on a traditional hosting setup. Thus, if you are looking for high speed, good performance, quick and seamless resource allocation, automated disaster recovery models, and advanced security, then Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution for you.

Madelyn Skylar

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Sun May 3 , 2020
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