Why Apple is facing a backlash after its latest iPhone 12 release

When we buy things, we all hope to get value for our money. This implies that we hate a situation where we will be ripped off from some benefits that we are supposed to enjoy by paying such money, even if the excuse was to be reasonable. However, you can expect more outrage from customers if the excuse does not seem reasonable enough to them. This is one of the situations that Apple and its customers have found themselves in with the latter pouring out their frustration on the former based on some of their latest decisions as regards their iPhone 12 devices. You can read Mac of all Trades reviews on US-Reviews to know more about the device and where you can get it.

There are many things that we pay for in sets. For example, when we pay our school fees, we expect that at the very least, our school fees should cover the payments of teachers who would be teaching us as well as all the equipment that we would be using especially classrooms, chairs, boards (or other means of showing what is being taught such as projects or televisions with HDMI), libraries, and sporting facilities. Hence, you could imagine a situation where your school fees were increased because the school is moving to a facility that is expected to be better and more equipped, only to be told important things like libraries and sporting equipment are no more covered by your school fees. You are now asked to pay separately to access the library and the sporting equipment with the explanation that the library and sporting equipment was not covered in your school fees to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

The shock Apple customers got was similar to this when Apple announced that it was not going to be packaging a charger and an ear pod along with the iPhone 12 devices. These are easily the only 2 accessories that come with any phone and that are regularly used by most phone users. Your phone will be useless without a charger, hence, there is no negotiating the need to get a charger for any phone you are using. While ear pods might not be as important as chargers, over 90 percent of phone users sometimes use their ear pods to listen to music or other forms of audio on their phones. Denying the users these 2 important accessories did not go well with most of their customers.

On Apple’s side, they stated that their not including the charger and ear pod with the latest iPhone 12 is because it would go a long way to reduce carbon emissions. They also stated that it is not like a complete dead end for their customers as their customers have 2 options. Apple believes that its customers could use the chargers and ear pods from the previous iPhones they have bought. Furthermore, if they insist on wanting a new charger and ear pod, they could easily get the charger and ear pod for $39 and $44.99 respectively.

What iPhone might have failed to consider with such information is that the customers are already paying $200 more for the latest phone than the previous, why should they not get at the very least, a charger alongside their new device. Secondly, even if they had previous versions, chances are that they would still be functional and they would most likely have siblings, friends, or other relatives they would be gifting the older version once they get the newer version. Those people might not have a charger and ear pod. Thirdly, they would have not have suffered as much backlash should Apple have included the price of the charger and ear pod to the price and supply it as a set for $300 above the older version than trying to sell the accessories separately.

Madelyn Skylar

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